KDAYS 2022 - HALL C - EDMONTON EXPO CENTRE JULY 22-31, 2022 (12 PM - 10 PM)

+1 (825) 490-4914 / info@ieega.ca

The Indigenous Entertainment Group offers many amazing opportunities to get involved in the Indigenous Community.

In partnership with Explore Edmonton to integrate a space of prosperity, respect, and understanding on all levels of the Indigenous Experience.

A signature showcase of the rich diverse and vibrant cultures of the Indigenous peoples of here in Alberta and Canada. The Indigenous Edmonton Entertainment Group Association (non-profit organization) consists of volunteer board members from the Urban Indigenous Community in Edmonton, Alberta. The general intent is to showcase local and national Indigenous values through many different facets such as community involvement, programming, exhibits, entertainment and commerce.

The Indigenous Edmonton Entertainment Group will be hosting the following during K-Days 2022:

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Tourism
  • Career Fair
  • Trade Show
  • Indigenous Art Walk
  • Fashion Show
  • Medicines of Long Ago
  • Metis Experience

  • First Nations Experience
  • Inuit Experience
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • MMIWG Experience
  • Guest Speakers
  • Special Performances
  • Indigenous Food Experience
  • Closing Ceremonies


Our volunteer program provides opportunities before, during, and after K-Days with professional, cultural, and community training opportunities.

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